GWCT in Scotland

As well as the longstanding work with the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust at the Allerton Project, Kings has developed a network of support for the Trust in Scotland based in three key locations. This work helps to demonstrate best practice in game and farmland conservation, combining innovative crop management techniques with the latest scientific knowledge from the Trust.


Newton House

Auchtermuchty, Fife

Developed in conjunction with the Fife GWCT local committee, Newton House is a field scale demonstration combining a range of essential grey partridge habitat features. The site provides a practical resource that highlights the year round planning and delivery required to support this iconic species. Kings has worked with the landowner, tenant farmer and GWCT senior advisor, Hugo Straker, to demonstrate best practice and provide a site for land managers to visit and learn from. Within one five acre field visitors can see the key features that make up the ideal grey partridge habitat, combining nesting, brood rearing and winter food and holding crops.


Glenrothes, Fife

A farm scale grey partridge conservation project is underway at Balgonie, co-ordinated by the Trust. This site focuses particularly on providing sanctuary cover throughout the year to protect grey partridges and other key farmland bird species from overhead predation. Kings has provided technical input on crop selection and ongoing management. The key crop here is perennial chicory, which has been selected to provide ‘umbrella cover’ and is established with a nurse crop of brown mustard. Early signs are very promising as the initial headland strips have already brought benefit to grey partridges and a range of farmland bird species.


Nr Logie Coldstone, Aberdeenshire

GWCT took on Auchnerran as a new Scottish demonstration farm in 2015. A game management farm situated on a hill on the edge of moorlands, this site will build on the successful work at the Allerton Project with new research in a different agricultural environment. Farming both arable and livestock and managing stewardship alongside grassland poses crop management challenges, as does the hill fringe, with marginal ground on the heather moorland producing low quality cropping and scrub. Establishing wild bird seed mixtures on this difficult land is one of the tasks Kings is focusing on as we support the project with seed and technical expertise to help integrate stewardship features into a mixed livestock farm.


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