Early Sown Options


K114 Short Summer Mix

  • A versatile catch crop option that establishes quickly, providing good biomass and rooting
  • Contains: buckwheat, phacelia, linseed, crimson clover, berseem clover and oil radish.
  • 16kg/ha - 16kg pack


K131 Summer Legume Mix

  • Designed for early planting after harvest - the longer it is in the ground, the more it will deliver
  • Contains: buckwheat, crimson clover, linseed, red clover, serradella and phacelia.
  • 12kg/ha - 12kg pack


K98 Late Flowering Power Mix (CS-SW6) (SFI-SAM2)

  • Suitable for early drilling windows where a late flowering radish variety is required
  • Contains: winter oats and Baracuda oil radish.
  • 20-25kg/ha - 25kg pack


KSUPER10 Super 10 Mix (CS-SW6) (SFI-SAM2)

  • A versatile multi-species mix that is suitable for both catch and cover crop use
  • Contains: quinoa, winter oat, oil radish, berseem clover, vetch, buckwheat, phacelia, sunflower, Gold of Pleasure and rye.
  • 20-30kg/ha - 25kg pack


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