Short Term Ley Mixtures

Westerwold 1 year

  • Highly productive annual ryegrass
  • Ideal for silage production
  • Can be grazed when sown in the autumn as will provide early growth.
  • 15-20kg/acre - 37-50kg/ha


Kings Sprinter 12-18 months

  • Short-term cutting mixture with rapid establishment
  • Excellent early spring growth
  • Excellent for silage or hay
  • Enhances clean water when used as a catch crop in arable rotation.
  • Contains: 50% LOLAN Westerwold ryegrass, 50% FOX Italian ryegrass dip
  • 14-16kg/acre - 35-40kg/ha


Kings Catch Crop 1-2 years

  • Two-year mixture ideal for break crops
  • Will produce high yields in both years of production with rapid recovery after cuts
  • Makes excellent coarse horse hay.
  • Contains: 50% SIKEM Italian ryegrass dip. 50% TURGO Italian ryegrass tet.
  • 14-16kg/acre - 35-40kg/ha


X-Seed Vesuvius 2 years

  • Intensive silage mix
  • Fast establishment with explosive short-term yields
  • Exceptional early growth
  • Narrow heading date to optimise overall yield and D-value.
  • Contains: 16% ALAMO Italian ryegrass dip. 16% JACCAR Italian ryegrass dip. 32% KIGEZI Italian ryegrass tet. 36% ABERNICHE Festulolium
  • 12.5kg/acre - 31.25kg/ha


Kings Extra Cut 2-3 years

  • Aimed at 3-5 huge conventional cuts over two seasons with potential for early first cut in year three
  • Improved forage quality from Hybrid and Ryegrass Plus.
  • Contains: 10% PERSEUS Ryegrass plus*. 15% LOFA Ryegrass plus*. 20% SENDERO Italian ryegrass dip. 15% HUNTER Italian ryegrass tet. 25% TETRAGRAZE Hybrid ryegrass tet. 15% ASTONCRUSADER Hybrid ryegrass tet.
  • 13-15kg/acre - 32-37kg/ha


X-Seed Pearl 3 years

  • Intensive multi cut silage mixture
  • Exceptionally high ME levels
  • Aimed at 3 cuts plus.
  • Contains: 21% ALAMO Italian ryegrass dip. 21% ABEREDGE Hybrid ryegrass. 29% ABERECHO Hybrid ryegrass. 29% ABERIMAGE Hybrid ryegrass.
  • 14kg/acre - 35kg/ha


* Ryegrass Plus – This is a high-class festulolium (a cross between a fescue and a ryegrass) providing high seeding vigour, very high yields, early spring growth and better persistency.


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